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The “Hot Disc”, As We Say in the Biz

When a patient walks in with an acute disc injury, we call it a “hot disc”.

Do We Adjust People Who Come in With Disc Bulges?

Yes, typically. Not always. It’s almost never a good idea to say ALWAYS or NEVER because there’s usually an exception.

We have no shortage of disc cases walking in our doors. Or stumbling in. Or shuffling. Occasionally even being carried.

They usually walk out in much better shape after one session. Not always, but usually.

Can’t Seem to LEGO that back pain, can you?

We encourage you to not be afraid to come on in and see what we can do.

If we aren’t comfortable with adjusting you on day 1 then we will do our best to get you out of pain with other methods. We are credentialed to practice physical therapy modalities in addition to chiropractic, so we have some things we can try. We may decide to provide you a prescription to get an MRI or a set of x-rays so that we can get a better idea of what’s going on.

Signs of a disc injury include crippling pain in the back and shooting pain, or numbness or tingling, into one or both legs. Quite often a “pop” was heard or felt right before the pain started. Oftentimes the pain swells over the course of hours and then the next morning you wake up barely able to get out of bed.

Call us at (301) 378-0334 to see if we have a spot on today’s schedule. The new patient visit is 60 minutes. The cash charge is $100 or else use your insurance and pay your copay.