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On Snow Shoveling…

We all need to do it at some point in our lives. Here’s a helpful set of tips on how to shovel snow without dying or hurting yourself:

  • Stop at the 1st sign of chest pain – heart attacks are not uncommon with vigorous exercise, especially if you don’t exercise normally.
  • Bend those knees – do not repeatedly bend at your lower back and lift that heavy, wet snow with your back muscles. Use your legs!
  • Do not pick up too much all at once – snow shoveling is a marathon and not a sprinting race.
  • Pay someone else to do it – kids these days are lazy and worthless and maybe you can bribe one with money and they might grow up to be an enterprising adult thanks to you.
  • Check the forecast: will it be in the 40’s tomorrow? Maybe just shovel the bare minimum and let Nature melt the rest.
  • Wear the right shoes or boots. Slipping on ice can be a disaster.

This year we got off easy – until this week. While we love getting new patients we also love it when people don’t get hurt. If you’re going to go shovel some snow please do it safely.